Paintball Air Canister Fittings

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Home > Blog > Gear Reviews > Compressed Air vs. CO2 for Paintball One of the most common questions that we are asked at is the difference between using Compressed Air (HPA) and CO2 tanks.

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Putting together a paintball CO2 system for our aquarium was a great move for our tank, allowing us to grow exotic high tech plants and also control algae.

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Compatible with tippmann paintball, bt paintball, spyder paintball, planet eclipse paintball, dye paintball, proto paintball, azodin paintball, bob long paintball.

We have a ton of air fittings and accessories for any of your paintball gun projects big or small. We carry barb fittings, quick disconnects, slide checks, 1/8" NPT fittings, steel braided hose, micro and macro air lines with fittings, ASA fittings, and gauges.

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Paintball Air & CO2 Systems Air and CO2 systems bottles, presets regulators and accessories. we have the lot! Browse our selection of paintballing air systems, including CO2.

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An average CO2 fill costs more per fill, and a single tank provides about 400-800 shots (assuming it’s a 20 oz CO2 tank, the most common). A Compressed Air tank fill is usually free, and average size tanks provide about the same amount of shots per fill, with different.

Since compressed air tanks for paintball operate at a similar pressure as scuba tanks, many scuba stores also fill paintball tanks. Again, it should cost just a few dollars to fill a tank, and it is one of the easiest options available.

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Paintball guns typically use either a stainless steel line or macro-line air set-up. We carry the most commonly used lines and fittings in paintball. Stainless steel lines come in a variety of lengths to accomodate different model set-ups.

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Fill stations are use mainly by paintball fields to provide Co2 and HPA to a player. However that does not mean that it can’t be bought by anyone. Anyone who wants to use a scuba tank or an air compressor to fill their paintball tanks is going to need a fill station.

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All Paintball Guns require some kind of paintball tank to function. There are two different kinds of air tanks for paintball markers. CO2 is cheaper, industrial gas and the choice of most beginners. Compressed air tanks, are the other.Compressed air tanks are required for most mid to high end paintball.

Get unlimited compressed gas refills for paintball, by installing a paintball compressor that will solve your compressed air supply problems. Paintball can be a lot of fun, especially if you own a paintball compressor to fill up the tanks yourself.

hpa & co2 fittings This Section Lists HPA and CO2 fitting made by GMAC and other manufacturers parts that can be used to convert your gun to bulk fill Display per page

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Ninja Paintball ; the leader in High Pressure Air tanks and regulators for Paintball, Airsoft and Air Rifles.

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Paintball Air & CO2 Systems Air and CO2 systems bottles, presets regulators and accessories. we have the lot! Browse our selection of paintballing air systems, including CO2.

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You can use compressed air/CO2 canisters for a variety of applications, from paintball guns and accessories to pellet rifles. However, getting the compressed air/CO2 canisters filled each time by a shop can become expensive. If you have a compressed air/CO2 tank fitting and an air compressor, you can easily fill the.